2017 Internationals

June 2017 – Absolutely stoked to finally enter as a Fitness Model for the very first time.  I was quite apprehensive and definitely needed to mentally train myself to get into the required comfort zone to be successful in this division.  Again, also with the assistance of my long-time friend and mentor, Nick Selek, I aimed high.  A combination of training with him, as well as on my own in my home private studio, I successfully took out First Place in the Fitness Model 40+ division, and even more thrilled when I attempted to also try my best at the Sports Model 40+, and then managed to also take out First Place in that division.  Thrilled!  It’s been a tough couple of years, but I really aimed to make 2017 the start of new and better journey.  On track!  See pics below (and – thought I would see how NO cardio would work for me as part of my competition preparation – and it seemed that worked!).